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At Valsef Capital, we invest based on the principles of value investing, while focusing on areas of public markets that have historically shown pricing inefficiency.

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We Invest in

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    Established companies that can deploy capital at an ROIC of over 20% – our experience substantiates the notion that investors do not typically reward a company’s capital allocation prowess despite strong historic evidence.

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    SMEs that have little to no research coverage, low liquidity and limited established history; but have demonstrated discipline in growing their business with evidence of early success that will accelerate with time.

Our Team

We are passionate students of business who fell in love with investing.

  • Sam Youssef

    Sam Youssef


  • Steph Manos

    Steph Manos

    Vice Chairman

  • Joseph Khoubbieh

    Joseph Khoubbieh

    Senior Portfolio Manager

  • Vishal Sharma

    Vishal Sharma

    Head of Finance and Accounting

  • David Felicissimo

    David Felicissimo

    General Counsel

  • Evan Emory

    Evan Emory

    Investment Banking Associate

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